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You have to be sure that whoever you book for your wedding you can trust them to capture your day as you want. Here we try and answer some of the questions that different couples have.
Why two photographers? Usually you have to pay a premium for two photographers. As we work together we both take pictures throughout the day. That way we miss none of the action and can work around unexpected events. With two photographers, that special moment during the event won’t be missed because of poor angles, equipment failure etc. How do you cope with equipment failure? Currently we both carry at least one backup camera and a range of different lenses. Four cameras would have to stop working before we have a problem. Similarly we have 4 flash guns and backups on every other major piece of equipment. Memory cards can also fail so we take all bridal and formal shots with two cameras. It means we have to swap the cameras around a bit but it is worth it to ensure we don’t lose any images. Are you insured? Yes. We have business insurance that includes public liability insurance.
What do you do with the images? Once we have downloaded them we look through every one and will edit several hundred. Depending upon the package you have booked these will be resorted to select the best ones for a storybook, album or DVD slideshow. We keep all the copies and burn them to blu ray discs for safe keeping. What is ‘copyright permisson’? All photographers retain copyright on the images they take unless there is a commercial arrangement. By giving you ‘copyright permission’, we are giving you the right to distribute or print the images as you want without having to ask our permission. How come you’re cheaper than a lot of photographers? What’s the catch? No catch! We are a relatively new business and are building our portfolio accordingly. Unlike many photographers I have the qualifications to prove that I can take good images but it’s the portfolio that speaks for itself. We will expect our prices to rise as our portfolio builds but we will find it difficult to justify the amounts that some photographers ask for. We make our quotes very clear and there are no hidden extras that you need to be worried about.